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Welcome To the Unfavorable Wikis Wiki!
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Here we show the worst wikis and users. Feel free to edit or make a page about a bad user or wiki.

Featured Pages

Featured Wikis:

Featured Users

Here are some wikis that you should Check out.


Remember to follow these rules when editing and behaving on this wiki.

  1. Any page that is about to cause drama or is causing drama will be deleted so it doesn't end up like HRWW and RFWW.
  2. Do not vandalize on the wiki. You could get a warning or banned if you do.
  3. Please put at least five reasons when making a page, otherwise, it will get deleted within a week if there is still less then five reasons.
  4. You may make new categories, but please don't make categories that will only go on one page.
  5. No adding inappropriate images as that will make us look toxic, especially considering the fact that this is a negative reception wiki.
  6. A User/Wiki getting Deleted/quitting is not a good reason; please don't put it as one.
  7. Do not put "as if [media that the wiki is based on] was not bad enough" on pages, that's what terrible TV shows wiki suffered from.
  8. Don't put bias or false information in pages.
  9. Please don't undo admin edits.
  10. For some reason, comments get broken if editing in the visual mode so we recommend you use source mode or switch to source mode after editing in visual mode.
  11. Don't make any pages of users/wikis that are good unless they went downhill. There is this wiki for that.
    • Along with that, don't put any pages from that wiki UNLESS the page is based on a point in time where that wiki was bad.
  12. Don't discriminate against anyone or anything.
  13. Don't say a wiki is bad just because it's based on media that you think is bad. That's no reason to put a wiki on the wiki.
  14. Never spam comments or messages.
  15. If you are an Admin on the Wiki then do not block users who have not edited on the wiki unless you have proof that they are sock puppets.
  16. Do not cause drama, because this is why Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki and Atrocious Deviants Wiki closed. If you cause drama, expect a Warning.
  17. Do not add users out of hate.
  18. Do not make pages for personal reasons.
  19. Never defame, attack, or insult anyone, either via pages or on-site.
  20. Don't write a blog posts that are hit pieces to anyone.
  21. Do not use slurs as they offend many people.
  22. Never edit-war; please talk disagreements out.
  23. If you're an admin and you think a page is too small and should be deleted, please put a candidate for deletion instead of instantly deleting it.
    • If you an admin, do not add a user to the forbidden pages and put "does not have enough bad reasons to warrant a page here" as if a page has low reasons then it can get a candidate for deletion.
  24. If you're an admin and you are blocking IP (this includes IPv6) make sure to range blocks go to this page for more info.
  25. Make sure the page reasons are supported by evidence, and/or reliable sources.
  26. Have fun!
Forbidden Pages
  1. Any wiki or user on IW&UW - We don't need a lengthy explanation for this...
  2. Positive tier users or wikis - Read the rules section, specifically #11.
  3. Any user already on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, Terrible TV Shows Wiki, Horrible Vyonders Wiki, Awful DeviantArtists Wiki, Awful Twitter Users Wiki, etc - No need to explain.
  4. Trolls - Troll-feeding.
  5. Any vandal who only made extremely few edits - Pointless, clogs up the wiki and is troll-feeding.
  6. Any "vandal" who always reverts their edits after vandalizing - Counts as not being able to take a joke.
  7. Neutral tier users or wikis - Wouldn't make sense to add articles about users or wikis that aren't necessarily bad.
  8. Gucci Rsbbit - He is so extremely and unnecessarily overhated that he had to delete everything he's made.
  9. Caulipower - Anti-Joke page.
  10. SK9000 - The only admin on the Official Qubo Wiki that's still active.
  11. Se/HellYes/TheInterneto - Other than causing a lot of drama (both sitewise and off-site), he seems to extremely overhated and most of his hatedom is from Zenko's white knights. Also beating a dead horse.
  12. Any deceased user (Such as CheeseRoxTheWorld) - Disrespecting the dead.
  13. Any user under 13 (Cowsgumballfan31 is the only exception) - This could make us look like we're intolerant of youth.
  14. DuchessSponge5000 - Admin harassing.
  15. Pacsonic9000 - Same as DuchessSponge5000 and Inkster.
  16. Mar9122 - Gravedigging.
  17. Life_Tutor - He isn't a wiki user and does not have any accounts. Plus it could extend the block of multiple users, such as CircleyDoesExtracter, who is already going through depression due to the blocks. Also grave digging and a-logging.
  18. ScumBob Wiki - Aside from the pages on that site is poorly written, it's not terrible enough to be on this site. Also already on IW&UW.
  19. CircleyDoesExtracter - Same as TheDuchessSponge, and Pacsonic9000.
  20. Mickey Mouse (user) - Forgiven.
  21. Farthest Extrempedia - Makes us look like we can't take criticism.
  22. Fun Shitposting Wiki - Controversial reasoning and extremely NSFW, also makes us look like we can't take jokes.
  23. Rainstorm1650 - Same as DuchessSponge5000, and Pacsonic9000.
  24. Horrible Vyonders Wiki - Not a bad wiki.
  25. Encyclopedia SpongeBobia - Too good to even to be on this site.
  26. Nguyễn Trí Nguyên - Underaged, and was continuously harassed by Ryan Dodge.
  27. I even funnier wiki - The page would be a carbon-copy of the Middle School Worst Years Of My Life Wiki page.
  28. SaveCartoonNetwork!/LandonFoster1 - Would just encourage MORE a-logging.
  29. PerryTheChiweenie - She's not a bad user, and is nonsensically overhated.
  30. Vicious187 - Not the tyrant he is widely believed to be. He left Miraheze anyway.
  31. Encyclopedia Dramatica - Troll feeding.
  32. Toon Disney Wiki - Basically a clone of the Qubo Wiki.
  33. MalwareVirus34 - Way too controversial for the wiki and is underage.
  34. Couther - Like Portrock1566, he isn't a bad user and gives out valid criticism.
  35. The Guy Who's Gonna Take This Wiki Down Like a Snitch - Beating a dead horse.
  36. Know Your Meme - Anti-Meme page.
  37. Any Unfinished Wiki - If an unfinished wiki isn't good, then wait until it's ready to give it a page.
  38. Sinma15191 - He isn’t a bad user at all, and he forgives his mistakes.
  39. Any negative SRW wiki (CSW, CSPW, VSSW, RCSW) - They weren’t bad wikis at all, despite multiple flame wars involving those wikis.
  40. ScratchCoder - Even though he unblocked Wpetoi for a few days, he isn’t bad anymore.
  41. Emilywillis010 - Usually, most of the users hate her for being a huge clout chaser on Morgz in Atrocious Youtubers Wiki in the comments section, adding a page about her would encourage a-logging.
  42. FANDOM Creeper - Sure, he may occasionally do bad things on the ABFW that can nearly get him blocked, but on the whole is a really nice user who doesn’t deserve to be here.
  43. Pooh's Adventures Wiki - Could cause drama.
  44. KATMAKROFAN - This page used to be on the wiki but it escalated a lot of drama and general toxicity around the community. Please don’t revive it.
  45. Inkster - Page is forbidden requested by Miraheze Staff.
  46. Miraheze - It'd make the whole wiki ironic.

These are the admins of this wiki. Take any questions you have to them.

  1. ScratchCoder (Owner and Founder)
  2. DuchessSponge5000 (Deputy Chief of Staff)
  3. Caulipower (Deputy)
  4. Pacsonic9000 (Deputy)
  5. Rainstorm1650 (Deputy)
  6. Hookuai (Deputy)
  7. HellLord (Deputy)
  8. Hendicted (Servant)
  9. CircleyDoesExtracter (Admin)
  10. BB230 (Admin)
  11. Cuddly Rainbow Guardian (Admin)
  12. NeedsMoreJPEG (admin)
  13. FireBarrier101 (admin)

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